1. my_blog.refresh

    Not a visual refresh–although the design was rebuilt using Sass and the Blueprint CSS framework with the help of the amazing Compass project (Chris Eppstein, you rock. Seriously.)–but more of a purpose refresh. It’s apparent I’m not able to write long-winded blog posts with any level of consistency, but I have no trouble tweeting 0.62 times daily. I’ll attempt to strike a balance somewhere between and hope for the best.

    Part of the problem can be attributed to coding my own blog. It was my first deployed Rails project and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but I soon realized I have no desire whatsoever in maintaining the code base. I’ve been keeping my eye on Jekyll for a while and with the release of GitHub Pages I think it’s about time I make the switch. I’m still undecided how I feel about the dynamic content on the site having to be loaded ajaxily, but with any luck I’ll manage to get over it.